Beneficial Management Practices

A major deliverable of the AgriWatershed Partnership has been the development of a list of Beneficial Management Practices, which would form the basis of a voluntary industry code of practice for agricultural cropping near watercourses and wetlands.


Shortly after the inaugural meeting of the AWP Steering Committee, a Technical Working Group was formed to compile a series of Beneficial Management Practices to reduce runoff from agricultural fields from impacting nearby watercourses and wetlands. 

Beneficial Management Practices
Development Outline

Reviewed existing literature to identify BMPs that would have a high or moderate impact on reducing (ideally preventing) fish kills and keeping the soil out of watercourses and wetlands on PEI

Classified each BMP selected as short, medium or long term to implementation and high, moderate, or low impact

Identify significant barriers to implementation of these BMPs

Suggest metrics for measuring the effectiveness of those BMPs as they are implemented

Review completed in July and report made to Steering Committee