Fostering collaboration
between the watershed
& farming communities
on Prince Edward Island

What is the PEI AgriWatershed Partnership?

Formed in April 2019, the PEI AgriWatershed Partnership is an initiative of the PEI Federation of Agriculture and the PEI Watershed Alliance , supported by funding from the Province of PEI. As a coalition representing major stakeholders, the Partnership is committed to working with the farming and watershed communities to improve the health and PEI’s soil and water resources.


The AWP’s principal goal is to foster collaboration between the farming and watershed communities to develop and support strategies aimed at reducing the impacts of agricultural runoff on watercourses and wetlands in PEI.

2022 BMP Support Program for Landowners/Farmers

The AgriWatershed Partnership is offering funding for land management BMP implementation on fields within 200 metres of a designated watercourse or wetland. For approved projects, eligible costs incurred (See Program Guidelines) will be rebated at a rate of 75%. Maximum funding per project per year is $30,000.00.


The AWP BMP Support program will allocate funding on a “priority basis” rather than a first-come, first-served model. Project proposals will be evaluated and prioritized by their potential to improve the local ecosystem. Project review will be done by the AgriWatershed Partnership Technical Working Group.


Landowners/farmers applying for funding will be required to seek endorsement of the project from their local watershed coordinator. Watershed coordinators wishing to nominate a site for funding will be required to engage the landowner/farmer in the project proposal and obtain their signature on the initial Application Information Form. Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm, Monday, February 28th, 2022.

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